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FBI Psyop Press Conference - Boston Marathon Bombing Coverup in Full Swing

Now that the public has effectively identified the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing, the FBI has officially announced that the public should ignore all meaningful evidence in the matter. 

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jqgIv7u.jpgUPDATE: 19 April 2013 >>
Two "suspects", as identified by the FBI, are now reportedly dead, conveniently "closing" the case. There will be no open trial, no sworn and cross-examined witnesses, and of course no one to clear their own name. All meaningful evidence can be kept secret or destroyed, since there will be no legal discovery.

PROBLEMS (as of present);
1) No direct evidence whatsoever has been shown that the FBI's "suspects" actually planted the bombs.

2) No physical evidence connecting FBI's "suspects" to the bombs.

3) The backpacks the FBI's "suspects" are shown carrying in the photos/videos DO NO MATCH the bomb remains. One of the mismatching backpacks shown is too small, and too light in weight, to be carrying the described bomb at all.

4) There is no photo/video of the FBI's "suspects" NOT carrying the backpacks (note there would have to be, since they claimed to have video of them 'casually leaving' the scene).

5) One vague secondhand eyewitness account only, which only specifies "baseball cap + sunglasses + dark jacket." As far as it goes, this corroborates the real photo evidence above, as much as it does the "suspects" story. Unable to confirm identity of this "witness."

6) Searching some of the supposed family (aunt and uncle) names of the FBI "suspects", turns up 'no such person'. Why?

7) The "video" released by the FBI has been demonstrated to have been tampered with. It is actually a slide show, made from still pictures - not continuous surveillance camera video, as purported. Why?

8) No "online manifesto", no "down with America" statements, no connection shown to Jihadist groups, does not fit any "Jihadist profile", no other motive at all shown. Online media give only indications of a "secular Muslim" leading a normal life in America - having sough asylum, no less.

9) No attempt was made by them to run, hide, leave the country, disguise themselves, etc. etc., after the bombing. Why? They only seem to have reacted at all after their pictures were shown as "suspects". Why? Why not use the intervening time to escape, if they were guilty?

More info and updates at:
The FBI's Role in Boston Marathon Bombing and "Bomb Drill"

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Reviewer: Amish 01 - - April 16, 2014
Subject: The Idiocy
There was no coverup here. The crime was as reported this time. You and Exlax Jones are just idiots. These Muslim refugees should never have been allowed into the country.
After this Boston bombing there was a police chase where yet more bombs were thrown at police as seen by numerous witnesses live on news video HERE and HERE.
Before the Boston bombing these same brothers were involved in a triple murder.

This stupid theory is right up there with "no planes" on 9/11.

The more ISLAM pours into the USA the more of this we will have. Since 9/11 the number of Mosques have doubled

Islam in America

More on: Islamization
Reviewer: farbertwo - - April 19, 2013
Subject: crazy stuff
explosion in Waco almost 20 years to the day of the Waco siege, in the same town, might just be terrorism, Boston might be more Waco anniversary terror.